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As outlined in our mission, the Interstitial Arts Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and development of interstitial art. This is accomplished through not only our frequent events, but also through a number of creative projects, including:

Interfictions 2

The Interfictions Anthology Series. Launched in 2007, the Interfictions anthology series is the IAF's print showcase for interstitial fiction. Our first volume, Interfictions, was co-edited by Theodora Goss and Delia Sherman. Our second volume, Interfictions 2, was co-edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak, and was named one of's Top 10 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2009. Our current project is Interfictions Zero: The Virtual Anthology of Interstitial Writing and Original Essays, which is now publishing essays monthly in 2011. Please consider submitting one yourself!

The Annex. The Annex is our online showcase of exclusive interstitial works. We are currently featuring an online companion collection of short interstitial fiction serving as a companion to Interfictions 2, including works from Genevieve Valentine, Brett F. Cox, Kelly Barnhill, Ron Pasquariello, Mark Rich, Kelly Cogswell, Chris Kammerud, and Eilis O'Neal. Upcoming exhibitions will include visual, musical and performance pieces.

The IAF Auctions. Part fundraiser and part art gallery, the IAF Auctions showcase a number of brilliant artists who have donated works for the IAF to auction off. A previous auction featured pieces inspired by Interfictions, and our next auction features pieces inspired by Interfictions 2.

Podcasts. Over the years, the IAF and its fellow travelers have produced several podcast projects, which you can find here.

Please explore each of these projects at your leisure – there are many amazing pieces of interstitial work to be found in this section, and please check back again soon for new pieces (and new projects)!

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